It's a jungle out there!  Let the Opportunity Monkey help you find the perfect business opportuntiy.

Opportunity Monkey was created simply to help the entrepreneur find a perfect match for starting a new business.  Why choose a "Monkey" to represent our premier Busienss Opportunity & Franchise search and match ?  Just like the entrepreneur, a monkey has many similar qualities such as intelligence and curiosity plus the ability to adapt and be clever.

It truly is a jungle out there when it comes to seeking out a new business to begin.  Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to find a legitimate opportunity that can actually generate a respectible income and be a good fit personally.

Our team at has decades of experience both developing and promoting legitimate business opportunities and franchises.  We have created a premier online directory that is very easy to use making your search process as simple as possible.  We stand out from the crowd with our exclusive Monkey Match FREE service.  Simply complete the short survey in just a few minutes so we can learn more about you & your goals.

Our team of Business Opportunity & Franchise consultants will personally review your responses and suggest several matches to align with your personality, goals and budget.  That's right, an actual real person, not a monkey will make recommendations to help you find the perfect opportunity.

Our service is fast and free with no obligation so please take a couple minutes to complete the questionaire today and get started on your way to a bright and successful future as an entrepreneur.  Give our FREE Match Service a try today!

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